Our legal alert services help you stay on top of Massachusetts legislation and case law, breaking legal news. 

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Judicial Assignments
Sitting schedules for judges in all Massachusetts courts. Click here to subscribe

Slip Opinions
Written statements by the court that state the basis for a decision published in a temporary form. Click here to subscribe

Business Litigation Session

Members of this email list will receive notifications of all updates to the Social Law Library Business Litigation Session Database. Click here to subscribe

Massachusetts Register

The Library posts select material online from the most recent issue of the Massachusetts Register the day it is published. Members can get instant access to the Table of Contents, Notices of Public Review of Prospective Regulations, and Emergency and Permanent Regulations. Click here to subscribe

To access the most recent issue of the Register log in the Social Law databases and select “Massachusetts Register” under the Substantive Databases column.

Legal Periodical Alerts

The Library can alert members each time a new issue of a legal journal is published as well as provide a list of the table of contents from the issue. Choose from over 100+ journals covering general practice, corporate law, estates and trusts, Massachusetts law, real estate, taxes, and more, and stay up to date on developments in your area of practice or the legal field in general. Each time a new issue comes out you will be notified and you can then request an article or the full issue.

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Legislative Alerts

Receive instant notifications when the House and Senate Journals are updated on The Journals are summaries of the procedural steps that were taken during each legislative session in either the Senate or the House each day. Typically, the journals do not provide much in the way of commentary; they are summaries, not transcripts. However, occasionally statements or questions and clarifications from legislators may be included. Click here to subscribe.

Interested in more in-depth bill tracking or getting information about a particular bill? Our Reference Attorneys also have access to State House News Service, Mass Trac and other up to the minute reporting sources for Massachusetts law. We can easily keep track of where specific bills are in the legislative process, alert members when the text of a bill has changed or the Governor has signed a bill in to law, locate floor debates and reports (when available) and help you stay current on important legislation.  To find out more about this service contact Jessica Jones at  or (617) 226-1359.

Collection Updates

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