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  • Election and Campaign Law in the April Collection Spotlight

    ​With the end of Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged misconduct during the 2016 presidential campaign dominating the news, we’ve decided to feature resources in the collection about elections, campaign finance, lobbying and voting. Some of the books tell of the struggle to extend voting rights. Others focus on federal and state regulation of elections and political fund raising. A few remind us of the role the courts have had in disputes over the ballot box. Read Full Article
  • Hernandez Conviction Back in Place

    ​The Supreme Judicial Court has overturned the established principle that voided Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction in the death of Odin Lloyd. Declaring the doctrine of “abatement ab initio” outmoded, the justices ruled that Massachusetts courts should no longer allow motions to nullify the convictions of defendants who die while their appeals are pending. Read Full Article
  • SJC OK’s Cell Phone Search ​

    On March 6 the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in Commonwealth v. Dennis Jones that prosecutors can compel a defendant charged with human trafficking and pimping to produce his cell phone password. Read Full Article
  • Getting the Most out of HeinOnline

    Your HeinOnline subscription through the Social Law Library gives you instant access to millions of legal documents. But because HeinOnline has such a wealth of material, it can be overwhelming to formulate and run a search—and no one has time to sift through thousands of results in the off chance that one of them is exactly on point. Read Full Article

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