How To Troubleshoot your EZ+ Subscription

EZ+ Services provided by the Social Law Library are authenticated by IP (Internet Protocol) address. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to access your EZ+ Subscription is provided to you by your firm's IT Department.

The EZ+ URL provided to you will allow you to access Social Law Library databases without logging on to the Social Law Library web server. This auto-logon is based on the IP address of your PC. Generally, this is an IP address used by your firm's main office location. This IP address was provided to the Social Law Library by your firm's IT Department.

If you cannot access an EZ + URL and believe you should be able to, please do the following:

•  Go to the following URL to identify your IP address:

•  Send an email to with:

Your Name
Your Firm Name
Your IP Adress
Your Contact Information

Social Law Library IT Support Staff will contact you ASAP.