Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is provided to all Library members who purchase Social Law Library custom web site design. Have your web site optimized during construction or have it optimized at your convenience on an exisiting web site the Library did not design.

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology used when designing web pages to increase your chances of being found by prospective clients on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization exponentially increases chances of being found on first page of the organic search results. Ideally you want your site to be found in the top results for your chosen keywords/phrases in any search.

Being found in the top results can increase your business up to 1000%.

Every website optimized by the Social Law Library is undertaken on a site-by-site basis. A unique strategy will be put together for your website based on the identification of keywords related to your website and your current ranking with the search engines as well as the rankings of those websites who are your competitors.

The Library has had many success stories getting websites that do not show up on search engines at all to show up in the top listings for that keyword as well as the ability to move existing web sites up in their current rankings.

For more information, contact Technology Services at or 617-226-1570.

Cost: $120/hour