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Social Law Library Member Spotlight

Personal Injury lawyer, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Jonathan D. Sweet, Esq.

Boston, Massachusetts and Rhode Island injury lawyer Jonathan D. Sweet, Esq. is a seasoned trial attorney who prosecutes personal injury claims for individuals and families that have suffered life-altering harm due to the wrongful conduct of others. Combining book smarts and street savvy, Attorney Sweet provides top-flight legal representation in a broad range of personal injury cases from general negligence to the most complex and sophisticated liability actions.

People from all walks of life turn to Attorney Sweet when they need reliable, responsive, zealous legal counsel for their injury cases in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. When prosecuting cases, no matter their size, successful results are achieved by holding fast to the old school principles: Leave no stone unturned. Use common sense. Follow your instincts. Master the details, but see the big picture. Keep the client in the loop. Do the right thing. Always be prepared. And when a case must be tried in court, Attorney Sweet’s proven ability to connect with judges and jurors is bedrock.

Visit Sweet Law LLC at or email

Recently Featured Social Law Members

Strategic Corporate Counsel, PA. Gray Law, Massachusetts

Maude Laroche-St. Fleur

Ms. Laroche-St. Fleur is the Founder & Manager of Laroche Law Office, LLC. Growing up in an environment where lawyering was both disdained and spoken of in very high regards, Ms. Laroche-St. Fleur had love-hate feelings toward the profession. She was influenced by the former and never inspired to become a lawyer.

Ms. Laroche-St. Fleur earned a Bachelors of Science degree from Stonehill College. While pursuing her undergraduate studies, she worked in the Human Services field ensuring that individuals with cognitive disabilities led an integrated life in their community. She went on to work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in that same capacity.

Then, at some point in her life, the unpredictable happened. Ms. Laroche-St. Fleur had a sudden urge to attend law school. She found herself not only being in law school, but also overcoming all odds that come with switching careers and having a family to realizing a dream that began as a love-hate relationship but grew to a full blown all love relationship with lawyering. Ms. Laroche-St. Fleur earned her Juris Doctor degree from the Massachusetts School of Law.

The Firm focuses on family-based Immigration. The Firm understands how important Immigration benefits are to individuals and families, and we strive to deliver positive results. These Immigration benefits include, but are not limited to, VisaAdjustment of Status,Green Card also called Permanent ResidenceConsular ProcessingU.S. Citizenship & Naturalization, Employment AuthorizationTemporary Protected Status (TPS),Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and Violence Against Women (and Men) Act (VAWA).

Please visit my website at or email me at

Strategic Corporate Counsel, PA. Gray Law, Massachusetts

Paula C. Bartlett

I have been an attorney for over 20 years, specializing in corporate law,
business succession planning and estate planning. I provide businesses and individuals with sophisticate and comprehensive legal counsel in a cost effective manner.

I provide my clients with informed decisions to enable them to achieve their goals. As a corporate attorney, counsel clients in all stages of development, including choice of entity, corporate governance, compliance and tax matters. I negotiate, structure and document business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, letters of intent, shareholder agreements, buy-sell and agreements, and stock and asset purchase and sale agreements, and work with my clients to resolve conflicts leading to or developing during the dissolution and unwinding of a business organization.

From the initial meeting through resolution, I am accessible and work directly with clients, listening carefully to their questions and concerns and utilizing my expertise to develop creative and cost effective solutions.

Please visit my website at or email me at


Strategic Corporate Counsel, PA. Gray Law, Massachusetts

Meredith A. Fine, Esq.

Serving Cape Ann and beyond. Do you need legal assistance in one of the four Cape Ann communities: Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, or Manchester?  My practice areas include real estate, licenses and permits, business and non-profit counseling, and dispute resolution.  I am active in Cape Ann’s business and political communities, and am happy to help you navigate Cape Ann’s often rocky shores.

Please contact me at:
38 Pleasant Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
978-515-7224 (phone)
978-283-0113 (fax)

Strategic Corporate Counsel, PA. Gray Law, Massachusetts

Jeanne Kempthorne

Jeanne Kempthorne is a seasoned criminal defense practitioner, focusing on criminal appeals in state and federal court, as well as post-conviction motions and habeas practice. In addition, she represents witnesses and targets of grand jury investigations and white-collar defendants in federal district court.

In her former career as a federal prosecutor, she developed particular expertise in the areas of high-tech crime and public corruption. Her background in public corruption led to her appointment in 2005 to the State Ethics Commission and to her service on the board of Common Cause Massachusetts.

Kempthorne's decade as a business litigator at Hill & Barlow informs her role as a neutral in civil disputes, from acting as a special master for discovery in a complex, federal civil RICO case to conciliating land, personal injury, and family business disputes in state superior court. She is trained in negotiation and conflict resolution and is an experienced mediator and commercial arbitrator.

Learn more by visiting



Strategic Corporate Counsel, PA. Gray Law, Massachusetts

P.A. Gray Law

P.A. GRAY Law provides on-call general counsel legal services to move companies forward through all stages of growth and transition.  Leveraging over 15 years as an executive and general counsel and 30 years of corporate law experience, I deliver business-focused legal advice, tailored to the business strategy, bottom line and risk mitigation goals of my clients, along with the industry and funding environment in which they operate. 

I also work with law firms to anticipate and mitigate their bad debt exposure to corporate clients with tight legal budgets. As with my direct clients, I provide an initial no-charge consultation to help them manage their legal budgets and obtain other general counsel advice they would otherwise refrain from asking for fear of the costs. Through in-person meetings and other due diligence, I undertake to understand the client’s business so that I and the firm can respond effectively on an as-needed basis.

Following the initial consultation and due diligence period, fee arrangements are tailored based on my client’s needs for on site and off site delivery services, as per diem, hourly and/or flat fee arrangements.

Check out my website at today and contact me at or (978) 697-7845 for your own initial no-charge consultation.

I always look forward to working with SLL members.  Thank you, Social Law Library!




Roger Manwaring
Lawyers' Legal Research & Writing

Lawyers' Legal Research & Writing offers high quality, cost-effective, outsourced legal research and writing to Massachusetts attorneys. Services include drafting appellate briefs, trial court motions, office memoranda and other documents.

Unlike many who offer this type of service, I’m a local attorney, licensed to practice in Massachusetts and can meet personally to discuss your project. I bill by a negotiable hourly rate or by a flat rate. A full description of services, writing samples and numerous testimonials which speak to the high caliber of my work, can be found on my website,

Steven E. Pazar, Attorney at Law

Experienced business counsel, responsive, value driven problem solver … offers practical advice to businesses operating in high-risk industries … creates templates and tools to improve efficiency, close deals faster and control costs.

“In my counseling of businesses, I have found that most of them have a good handle on their commercial terms - like price, scope of work and schedule. But often they need help with some of the legal details that often keep contracts stuck on the corner of a desk and hold up a deal. I work to see that the key liability provisions like warranties, indemnification and insurance don’t hold up closing transactions.”

More information at: and LinkedIn at stevenpazar.

Arrowood Peters LLP

Lisa Arrowood, Kevin Peters, Ray Ausrotas, and Jed DeWick Found Arrowood Peters LLP

Four attorneys, including two of its founders, have departed Boston's Todd & Weld to start their own firm, Arrowood Peters LLP. Lisa G. Arrowood, Kevin T. Peters, Raymond P. Ausrotas and Jed DeWick opened the doors to Arrowood Peters on September 19, 2011 and will continue to focus on complex civil litigation and trial work.

Arrowood Peters will represent clients in the areas of business litigation, employment litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, and class actions.

The firm is located at 10 Post Office Square, Suite 1180-N, Boston, MA, 02109, telephone (617) 849-6200, facsimile (617) 849-6201.

Visit the firm's website at

Brian J. McLaughlin

Brian J. McLaughlin, Jr., Esq., provides compassionate legal service in family law, special needs issues, wills and trusts, and unemployment. Be sure to check out his website at

Ann Breau Karpenski, Esq.

Attorney Karpenski is a member of the law firm Lewis & Leeper. Lewis & Leeper’s areas of practice include: civil litigation, divorce, personal injury, immigration, criminal defense, juvenile matters, bankruptcy and collection matters. Lewis & Leeper is dedicated to providing excellent service to their clients and has staff at all of their offices who are fluent in the Portuguese and Spanish languages. To learn more about Lewis & Leeper, please visit their website at

William M. Cloran, Esq.

Attorney Cloran represents and advises clients in setting up of business entities as well as counseling on business and legal issues. He Represents clients before the Probate Court, the District Court, the Supreme Judicial Court and administrative agencies. The practice also includes estate planning, criminal and real estate law. Mr. Cloran also owns the William Cloran Academy which trains police and security personnel.

Shannon M. Tomai, Esq.

Shannon M. Tomai, Esq., founder of Apex Law, LLC, is practicing business law in Massachusetts. Apex Law specializes in corporate work and seeks to be the outside "in-house" counsel for small and medium-sized businesses in Massachusetts. Please meet the team and learn more about Apex Law and Shannon M. Tomai, Esq. at

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